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Model TD138

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Steel-Craft’s Therm-O-Dor overhead doors are manufactured from top-quality, Canadian-made steel, and are designed from the inside out to ensure maximum strength. Our doors feature a patented mechanical interlock design and heavy-duty hardware. Together, these features offer industry-leading durability and excellent protection against break-ins. All Therm-O-Dor overhead doors are corrosion-resistant and feature treatments of a zinc base coating and two polyester topcoats. The exteriors are paintable, won’t fade, and are easy to clean.

The Flexible top seal keeps cold and debris out, and the section weather seals keep wind and cold out. The PVC retainer aids in door rigidity, and top-quality Canadian galvanized steel is durable and rust resistant – just like the two-coat exterior polyester paint finish on the inner and outer skin. The Therm-O-Break design reduces cold/heat/moisture conductivity.

Mechanically interlocked front and back skins increase strength, and continuous steel overlap secures hardware attachments. The flexible floor seal conforms to minor irregularities to keep out cold and debris, while insulated windows feature sealed lites and high-impact polymer frames.

Heavy-duty rollers and hardware are durable and make for easy installation

The TD 138 model comes with a 1-3/8″ layer of polyurethane insulation, which gives an R-value of 12.60, twice the efficiency of competitors’ polystyrene panels.

Additional Information

Additional Information

TD 138 – Options

Therm-O-Dor TD-138 offers a selection of customized options that will enable you to meet virtually any application requirement. For additional information on how Steel-Craft can meet your needs in commercial overhead doors, please consult your Steel-Craft Door Products Authorized Dealer.


Optional upgrades to components that are connected to the door face.

  1. Graduated End Hinge – available in increased gauge.
  2. Track Rollers – available in a variety of formats to meet your specifications.
  3. Low Lift Hardware
  4. Locks – 2 point interior, 2 point exterior.
  5. Lift Handle – 3 options available.
  6. Vision Lite Windows – sealed glass: 23″x7″; 24″x12″; 34″x16″; consult your dealer on the wide variety of glass options.
  7. Exhaust Ports – available in various sizes.
  8. Strutting – to increase wind load capacity.
  9. Speciality High Moisture Area Conversions

Optional upgrades to components that are related to the door guide. All lifts are available in 2″ or 3″ track.

  1. High Lift – track and hardware that causes the door to rise vertically some distance above the top of the door opening before it levels out into a horizontal position. Available to meet a variety of height specifications.
  2. Vertical Lift – track and hardware that causes the door to open vertically where no horizontal tracks are required. Available to meet all height specifications.
  3. Low Lift Double Track – low headroom accessories which enable a door system to operate in minimal headroom conditions. Available to meet a variety of low headroom specifications.
  4. Full Angle Mount – available in Continuous and Reverse (1″ overlap).

Optional upgrades to components that are related to the door lift.

  1. Torsion Spring Assembly – extensive cycle options are available to meet all specifications.
  2. Torsion Shaft – available in 1″ solid where 1″ tube is specified.
  3. End Bracket – 2-bolt flange bearing, available in 1″.